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1. Call JSA First - (270) 575-0056

When sewer problems are experienced (such as sewer back-ups or if you experience not being able to discharge wastewater), the resident should first contact JSA. We will check the sewer main to determine if the problem is located within the main.  We will clear the stoppage only if it is in the JSA's sewer main.

2. Property Owner's Responsibility

The owner of the property is responsible for keeping their sewer service line, or lateral, clear between their building and the sewer main. We suggest the owner employ a plumbing or sewer contractor to clear any stoppages in the service line all the way to the sewer main. Locating the service line is also the owner's responsibility, although we will attempt to assist with available records and information to determine the location on JSA's right-of-way.

3. Defective Service Line Within the Public Right-Of-Way

If the property owner's contractor is unable to clear a stoppage due to a structural defect in the portion of property owner's service line located within the public easement or right-of-way, JSA will aide the property owner and repair it, only if the property owner or plumber call the JSA while they are on location. If there is no cleanout to grade, the resident must have one installed at the at the easement or right-of-way line. Only the portion of the service line within the public easement or right-of-way will be repaired by JSA. Remember, this type of repair is a free service to JSA customers.  JSA will attempt to schedule the repair as soon as possible, within normal scheduling constraints concerning manpower and other repair priorities.

NOTE: Although there is no extra charge for our service (work is financed by sewer bills), we will not assume the cost of your contractor's call to locate the problem within your service line.  In additon, if the homeowner to elects to repair the service line within the public right-of-way or easement without JSA assistance, the JSA will not reimburse the homeowner for his contractor bill. 

It is the resident's responsibility to maintain the building sewer free of roots, debris, grease, etc. all the way to the sewer main.

4. Odor

Odor problems from inside the building are solely the resident's maintenance responsibility and odors from catch basins are the maintenance responsibility of other agencies such as the City of Paducah and KY State Highway Department. JSA does not maintain catch basins. First check and make sure that all traps within the building are full of water. This can be accomplished by adding a gallon of water to each drain. All fixtures such as sinks and floor drains should be trapped. If this does not help your odor problem we suggest the owner employ a plumbing/sewer contractor to inspect the plumbing.

5. Flooding

JSA does not maintain driveway pipes, storm sewers, or respond to flood events.

6. Sewer Inspection

JSA will only camera inspect the portion of service line within the easement or public right-of-way. The JSA will perform no work on private property except within a public easement.  The service line, or lateral, is the portion of your hookup that extends from your building to the sewer main.

NOTE: Although there is no extra charge for our service (work is financed by sewer bills), we will not assume the cost of your contractor's call, regardless of the location of the stoppage!

7. Before You Dig (BUD)

The JSA performs location services for excavations within our service area.  If you wish to excavate in our area, you may call our office at (270) 575-0056.  You will be directed to submit your utility location request via email at  Kentucky's BUD requirements related to excavation notification and marking can be found within the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) at KRS 367.4905 through KRS 367.4917.