Commercial / Industrial

The JSA requires permits for various activities in relation to the publicly owned wastewater system, including:

Connection Permits - A fully executed Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit is required for all new connections and reconnections to the publicly owned wastewater system. Fees associated with the sanitary sewer connection permit may be found in our current rate schedule. Connection Permits may be completed at our office located at 621 Northview Street in Paducah.

Disconnection Permits - A Disconnection Permit is required when service to a location is disconnected. This is generally when a residence or building is being demolished. The current property owner of the building to be demolished is disconnect the private lateral from the JSA system at the roadway right-of-way line, and place a cap over the remainder of the lateral connected to the sewer main. No fees for this permit is required, however, a JSA staff member is to inspect the cap prior to backfill being placed in the trench. Disconnection Permits may be completed at our office located at 621 Northview Street in Paducah or at the City of Paducah Inspection Department located at the Paducah City Hall, 300 South 5th Street.

Industrial Use Permits – All non-domestic users whose flow enters the JSA system are potentially subject to an Industrial Use Permit.  

1. All industrial users proposing to connect to or contribute to the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) or who are now contributing other than ordinary sewage or waste into the POTW shall obtain a Discharge Permit before connecting to or contributing to the POTW.
2. Users required to obtain a Discharge Permit shall complete and file with the JSA, an application in the form prescribed by the JSA, accompanied by a permit fee. New users shall apply at least ninety (90) days prior to connecting to or contributing to the POTW.  Existing permit holders shall apply no later than sixty (60) days prior to expiration of the permit. 

Waste Hauler Pemits - Any person who transports septic tank, grease, or other batch liquid waste and wishes to discharge such waste to the JSA system shall first have a valid Waste Hauler Permit.  All applicants for a Waste Hauler Permit shall complete the application form, pay the appropriate fee, and receive a copy of the JSA’s regulations governing discharge to sewers of liquid wastes from trucks. All persons receiving a Waste Hauler Permit shall agree, in writing, to abide by all provisions that may be established by the JSA as necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the sewer system. All hauled waste must be discharged at the Paducah Treatment Plant unless prior, written approval is granted by the Executive Director.

No user shall contribute or cause to be contributed, directly or indirectly, any pollutant or wastewater which will interfere with performance of the POTW. These general prohibitions apply to all such users of the POTW whether or not the user is subject to Categorical Pretreatment Standards or any other Federal, State, or Local pretreatment standards or requirements.